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Quantum Charge

Quantum Charge

  • 🔌 Experience peace of mind while charging your electric vehicle with our Quantum EV Smart Charger. Our charger is UL certified and features an IP65 protection rating, ensuring safe and reliable charging both indoors and outdoors, even in harsh Canadian weather. With a variety of protection measures including Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, and Over Temperature Protection, your safety and the longevity of your vehicle's battery is our top priority.
  • 🚗 Effortlessly charge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle with QuantumEV, a fully compatible charger designed for all models sold in Canada including Tesla Model S, Honda Clarity, BMW i3, and Hyundai Kona Electric. Our commercial-grade smart charger is RFID enabled and optional 4G ready, providing an additional revenue stream for Canadian businesses.
  • 💼 Our charger comes with a built-in Nozzle Holster Dock for J1772 Connector, making charging your electric vehicle even more convenient.
  • 🔋 Upgrade your charging experience with high-speed charging capabilities, Our charger is capable of delivering high-speed charging, reducing charging time, and giving you more time to enjoy your electric vehicle.
  • 📱 With optional 4G connectivity, you can monitor your charger's status and control its settings remotely using a smartphone app. This allows you to check the charging status, start or stop charging, and receive notifications of any problems.
  • Product Specifications

    Model  QEV-S40 QEV-S48 QEV-S80



    208-240Vac 208-240Vac 208-240Vac
    Frequency  50-60Hz 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
    Amperage 40A 48A 80A

    Max Power


    9.6kW 11.5kW 19.2kW



    16.8lbs 18.1lbs 19.8lbs
    Dimensions 13.8″x 9.8″x 5.1″ 13.8″x 9.8″x 5.1″ 13.8″x 9.8″x 5.1″
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