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Finding a nugget in a ho-hum rate change

Ontario Energy Board announced new tariffs for residential and small business electricity consumers today, the rates across the board have been lowered. The OER (Ontario Energy Rebate) has also been reduced by 5.3%. So, is there a real saving for the average consumer who uses 792 kWh per month, yes there is, you will save approximately $1.00 per month. Depending on your usage pattern, in my case, my On Peak is 19.6% of my total usage with Mid-Peak at 16% and Off-Peak at 64.4% and I will be saving 99.3 cents every month (nothing to write home about - but its good for a Post) There is good news, there are two plans available to Ontario Consumers the Time of Use (ToU) which many of us are on and the Tiered Plan which is shown in the chart below. Going through this exercise I found I can save by switching from the ToU to the Tiered Plan, $9.39 from the previous rates and $8.44 for the new rates.

Check out our Residential ToU vs Tiered Plan Comparison Tool to help you assess your savings by switching plans #electricity #energy #smallbusiness

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